Culinary Education

for a Better Food Future

Farm to Culinary Classroom (F2CC) provides curriculum and resources for teachers in the field of Family & Consumer sciences so that they can empower students to make healthier choices and advocate for a food system that supports their community and our planet.

F2CC curates, filters, and organizes content designed specifically for a high school culinary classroom. Our turnkey curriculum includes a semester-long course as well as shorter units, that provides content in the fields of regenerative agriculture, food culture, food justice, and climate change.

Together, we can cultivate a shared commitment to a food system that is accessible and affordable to all.

Featured Unit

Welcome to
the Kitchen

Confidence in the kitchen can help to connect us more directly to the food system. This unit provides the foundation of any culinary classroom.

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Featured Unit

Plants, Fungi,

Students will learn that regenerative farming has been practiced throughout history, across the world, and focuses on soil health, while industrial agriculture is a more recent invention for a globalized society.

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Featured Unit


Students will look at the dF2CC curates, filters, and organizes content cifferent animals that are raised for consumption. They will compare the needs and uses of each of these animals, and examine the environmental impacts that each has.

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Field Trips

The Yellow Farmhouse collaborates with schools to provide experiential learning programs, on and off the farm, for students of all ages - preschool through college. All programs explore the connection between food and farms, through age appropriate and seasonal hands-on kitchen and farm activities.

Summer Institute

August 5 - 7, 2024

The Yellow Farmhouse offers an annual Summer Institute for teachers that provides rejuvenation, inspiration and an opportunity to explore topics such as regenerative agriculture, food systems, food sovereignty, food equity, and food access.


February 19 - March 3, 2024

Kojicon is an annual two-week virtual gathering exploring the world of koji, the mold used to ferment products such as soy sauce, miso, and sake.

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